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Low Pressure Structural Web Molding

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What is Structural Web Molding or Gas Assist?

Structural Web is a low pressure injection process used to produce plastic parts where hollow cross sections, varying wall thicknesses, an improved cosmetic appearance, and a superior stiffness-to-weight ratio are important considerations for the final part design and functionality.

The process involves nitrogen gas being injected into the mold cavity immediately after the plastic resin is injected. The gas assists in pushing the molten plastic out to the cavity walls and uniformly packing out the entire mold. Since the nitrogen gas follows the path of least resistance inside the plastic, it hollows out the thick sections and allows designers the flexibility to create a product with different wall thicknesses.

The Structural Web technology opens up a whole world of new possibilities in developing plastic parts and eliminates many design limitations typically associated with plastics.

Structural Web – Benefits

There are many benefits in producing products using Structural Web Technology.

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