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Structural Foam

Superior all the way to the core!

What is Structural Foam?

Plastic parts made using the Structural Foam technology have a cellular or structural core, surrounded by dense outer skins which combine to give the parts a high strength to weight ratio and up to twice the rigidity of solid parts of the same weight and material.

The Structural Foam process is similar to conventional injection molding with the exception that a foaming agent, typically nitrogen gas, is mixed with the melted polymer and injected into a mold at low pressures. During injection the mold is not completely filled or packed out with resin as it would be with high pressure molding. Immediately following injection the gas/polymer mixture is allowed to expand to pack out the mold and to create a density reduced, rigid, plastic part.

Structural Foam products can be used to replace wood, concrete, metals, fiberglass, and solid plastics in a variety of applications.
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Structural Foam – Benefits

There are many benefits in producing products using Structural Foam technology:

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