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HPI: A Recycling Leader

What do the following have in common?

Lena Horne – 1971  

Frank Sinatra – 1971

Buddy Rich – 1972  

Van Morrison – 1973

Della Reese – 1973  

Diana Ross – 1974

Mandy Patinkin – 1990  

Stan Kenton – 1992

The Boston Pops – 1996  

Tony Bennett – 1998

and, of course, Kermit the Frog – 1970

This diverse and well recognized group of individuals all acknowledged that It’s Not Easy Being Green.

Right from the beginning in 1972, Horizon Plastics has kept “Being Green” a key part of our everyday operations.  Being the largest custom, low-pressure, multi-nozzle molder in the world, we help our customers meet that goal too.  

As a recycling leader, we purchase on the open market 20-30 million pounds per year of post-consumer plastic.  Our multi-nozzle process makes it a lot easier to fill large parts with up to 100% recycled material while maintaining strength and performance in the parts we mold.  Not only do we create a wide variety of finished products with this recycled material but we also divert it from landfill.  This is a “win” on many different levels and, while our customers are “Being Green,” they are also saving money. 

And because we mold using Structural Foam and Structural Web low pressure technologies, our parts weigh less.  They have a cellular or hollow core but come with more design latitude that can deliver better strength-to-weight performance than many competing materials. Since our parts weigh less, you can put more of them on a truck so that the energy per part to transport them is reduced as well.  And with virgin or recycled resin, lower weight means less plastic is used, less feedstock is required, less energy is needed to extract and convert the hydrocarbons, and less energy is needed to get the feedstock to the molder.

With our larger machines we have a shot capacity of up to 200 lbs (90 kg). This allows designers the opportunity of combining several smaller, often high pressure, parts into one single low-pressure molding.  Instead of using a lot of energy running multiple machines at high pressure and then having to put them all together later, you can do everything in one single low-pressure mold.  Energy is saved by molding in low pressure, by molding only once instead of many times on many machines, and by not having to assemble all the parts afterwards.  Horizon Plastics is “Being Green” and allowing all of those who work with us the reality of “Being Green” as well.

Whether it’s because of our environmentally friendly process, our ability to use less material and less hydrocarbon based feedstock, our ability to use recycled resin, or the fact that the parts we make are 100% recyclable in their own right, Horizon Plastics is focused on “Being Green.”  Please contact us and let us know how we can assist you in reducing your carbon footprint while saving you money.  

It’s Not Easy Being Green and Horizon can help.