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Supply Chain Manager

Position Summary

Reports to: Operations Director

Job purpose: The Supply Chain Manager is accountable for key metrics and management in the functional areas of purchasing, shipping/ receiving, inventory and the warehouse management while analyzing and communicating key performance metrics.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Manage the overall Supply Chain function including; Scheduling, Purchasing, Receiving, Shipping, and Inventory Management
• Establish effective purchasing practices, inventory management and manage metric performance
• Lead the purchasing and supply chain teams, participate during preferred supplier sourcing and supply contract negotiations while resolving issues with supplier performance to improve on-time delivery
• Identify opportunities to achieve department metrics and drive customer satisfaction.
• Oversee the manufacturing schedule to meet customers’ delivery requirements while
balancing the manufacturing capacity resources available
• Supports the supply chain team in supporting sales, customer service and production requirements.
• A strong conduit representing customer expectations for finished goods and production and production scheduling.
• Demonstrates traits & inclinations that characterize successful leaders :Engages people, Drives toward success, Sustains positive outlook, Shows discipline, Inspires confidence
• Utilizes ERP as required
• Supports QMS implementation and ongoing Continuous Improvement
• Completes all other duties as assigned

• Post -secondary, or an equivalent combination of training and supply chain experience.
• Knowledge of materials, products, and the commodities specializing in plastics
• Excellent customer/ supplier relation skills, negotiating and communication skills
• Strong coaching skills with a proficiency for
• Experience with MRP scheduling
• Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office/ Work/ Excel

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